Write Your Life Story in 40 Weeks

The "My Memoir Maker" program is a simple way to write your family history in 40 weeks! The book writes itself as you respond to fun weekly email prompts

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Memories are meant to be shared with our loved ones.

Let's preserve them in a beautiful book.


Storytelling has been a part of our genetic history as human beings for tens of thousands of years. Cave paintings and campfire stories have been passed down over time.

Lost opportunities

In our chaotic modern lives, a lot of these important stories and memories get forgotten. As a result, we forget who we are and where we came from.

Our Goal

Our goal is to ensure that these stories and memories are captured and preserved. Together let's turn them into beautiful books. What a gift to hand down to future generations!

The program consists of 6 modules over 40 weeks

  • Each week the writer receives an email with a topic and a number of questions that gets them thinking and writing about the topic. 
  • The topics and weekly writing prompts are specially curated to elicit interesting and intimate stories and memories from the person undertaking the program.
  • After drafting the response to the weekly prompts, the recipient can also add photographs with captions to go with that week’s story.
  • The process is easy to follow and the recipient does not need to have a degree in computing, or anything else, just the ability to type and respond to an email.
  • At the end of the 40 weeks, responses to the 40 weekly topics and photographs are compiled into a digital proof which is read and approved by you and the recipient of the program.
  • Upon your approval, we will print your story in a beautiful hardcover book and provide an e-book digital copy to share with all your loved ones.
  • Additional copies of the hardcover book can also be purchased as part of the program.

Here’s what you receive when you sign up to “Write Your Life Story in 40 Weeks”

About us

Who built the program?

Hi, I'm Eda the Founder and Client Relationship Manager at “My Memoir Maker”. For the past decade, I have been passionate about writing my own family's and other's personal stories. In 2017 I spent 6 months writing my mother's memoirs. I also spent 12 months working as a volunteer in hospitals capturing the life stories of a large number of people in palliative care so that their stories would live on for their families. In 2022, I was also lucky enough to publish a book about members in my community who had started their own businesses for the purpose of balancing their family life with their business.

Why did I create this program?

While I thoroughly enjoyed working with individuals in the community and those in palliative care, I quickly recognized I could reach more people and help them tell their story by using technology. As an online offering the "My Memoir Maker” program can reach individuals and families across the world and help them connect through shared personal stories while creating a lasting family legacy. Our intention is to make family time fun and engaging and help our children understand about their families' past.

What Our Customer Say

sample questions

Tell me more about what's in the program?

The program is broken up into 6 modules which focus on different stages of a person’s story. 

Modules include:

      1. Family and Ancestors
      2. Childhood and School
      3. Young Adulthood
      4. Career
      5. My Own Family
      6. Life Lessons

Over 250+ questions

There are over 250+ questions as part of the program which help get the recipient thinking about the weekly topic and uncover memories they may not have thought about in years.


Okay, this all sounds amazing, but what does it cost?

Our signature 40-week program normally costs $333, but is currently on sale for only AUD $197 (approx USD $127).

Extra copies of a printed hardcover book can be purchased for AUD $57.

AUD $197
  • Approx USD $65
Limited Numbers 68%

What happens when I buy?


Place an order

You enter your details, the recipient's details, and what date you’d like the program to start. Within 15 minutes of signing up you’ll receive a receipt and welcome email with more information about how the program works as well as a printable gift certificate for the recipient.


Respond to emails

Each week your recipient will receive a topic to respond to with some prompts to get them thinking and writing. If you so choose, you'll also receive a copy of the week's questions so you're with the writer every step of the way.


Design Book Cover

At the end of 40 weeks there should be responses to many of the topics. If a topic has been missed or changes need to be made, there’s time to do this at the end of the program. We will also help in designing the front and back cover of your book. Once you're happy with the final copy it will be published and posted to you, all within 12 months of the original purchase.


Print hardcover book

On the anniversary of purchasing the program (or earlier) sit back and enjoy reading through the completed book of your recipient's life story. The book makes an amazing gift to your whole family and is great to bring out at all the family milestones you'll be celebrating together.

100% no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee.

To date we have never had a single customer request a refund, but we’re well aware that purchasing something online can make some people uncomfortable.

To provide you with complete peace of mind, if for ANY reason at all you feel the “My Memoir Maker” program is not for you, just send us an email within the first 30 days after purchase for a complete no questions asked refund. 


Frequently Asked Question

Your book will be printed as a beautiful hardcover book, size of 7″ x 10″ (17.8cm x 25.4cm). You get to decide on the book’s cover colour, image on the front cover and the title of the book. We will work with you to get the perfect look and feel for your life story.

With our standard package you receive one hard copy and a digital copy which you can share with as many people as you like. You can also order additional hardcover copies of the book for $57. 

Simply come back to it when you’re able to do it by responding to the original email. 

We are working on a product where we can transcribe recordings to written stories. Watch this space.


Don't need a printed copy of the book or don't want to spend $197 buying the program?

We also offer an e-book only version for those who don't need a printed hardcover copy of the book. It's the exact same program and is only $97 AUD. If you would like to purchase the e-book only version of the program click the buy now button below.

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Writing a a life story takes time and can be challenging at times but we are here to help you every step of the way.